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First of all, some personal data:


Some results of my amateur work:

In January 2004, the minor planet (52005) Maik was named after me by the discoverers:

Maik             52005          Graduate Engineer

(52005) Maik = 2002 CL13
     Discovered 2002 Feb. 8 by C. W. Juels and P. R. Holvorcem at
Fountain Hills.
     Maik Meyer (b. 1970), an amateur astronomer whose passion is
comets, identified the Meyer Group of near-sun comets in 2002.  Since
1998 he has authored the Catalogue of Comet Discoveries that is
available on the Internet, and he has also been serving as an assistant
editor of the International Comet Quarterly.

JPL Bahndarstellung

I obtained a sketch of comet C/1874 H1 (Coggia) drawn by Carl Christian Bruhns (1830 - 1881), discoverer of 5 comets.
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