Unknown comet in DSS2 image of 11 April 1991

While searching for precovery images of comet P/2005 R2 (Van Ness) on Sep. 27, 2005, I came across an unknown comet in an image taken at Siding Spring in 1991. This trail was also found independently and earlier by R. Bouma, and R. Haver.

The comet is about 18m and is a diffuse trail with condensation. The comet shows a tail at least 30 arcseonds in length in PA 245-260 degrees. The direction of movement is unknown (thus the dates in the two positions below may need to be switched). The absolute daily motion is 37.0 sec in RA and 6.0' in Dec.

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    XJ91G010  C1991 04 11.64412 13 59 25.01 -27 32 24.0                      260
    XJ91G010  C1991 04 11.60246 13 59 26.55 -27 32 09.1                      260

Please note that the above designation is not official.

I have checked the object for the identity with a known comet or asteroid without any success. Also, no additional plates near this one has been found.

The comet has been reported to the CBAT on Sep. 27, 2005. It is not clear whether the comet will receive a X/ designation.