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The 2nd International Workshop on Cometary Astronomy (IWCA II) was held from August 14 - 16, 1999, in Cambridge/England. A summary of the meeting by the host, Jonathan Shanklin, can be found here.

Martin Mobberleys image gallery.

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Group 1 Group 2

Two group images by Bernd Brinkmann ( © 1999 by B. Brinkmann.

Posters Some of the posters.

Carmelita Miranda, Charles Morris, Andrew Pearce Carmelita Miranda, Charles Morris and Andrew Pearce.

Bill Liller, Alan Hale, Brian Marsden, Doug Biesecker Panel discussion with Bill Liller, Alan Hale, Brian Marsden and Doug Biesecker.

Charles Morris, Alan Hale A bet is redeemed. Charles Morris, Alan Hale.

Charles Morris, Guy Hurst, Andreas Kammerer, Dan Green, Jonathan Shanklin Another panel discussion with Charles Morris, Guy Hurst, Andreas Kammerer, Dan Green and Jonathan Shanklin.

Tea Time! Tea Time!

Don Machholz, Kazimieras Cernis, Kesao Takamizawa Don Machholz, Kazimieras Cernis and Kesao Takamizawa.

Kesao Takamizawa, Alan Hale Kesao Takamizawa and Alan Hale.

Michael Jäger Michael Jäger.

Dan Green, Alan Hale, Charles Morris, Brian Marsden Dan Green, Alan Hale, Charles Morris and Brian Marsden.

David Seargent, Dan Green David Seargent and Dan Green.

Martin Mobberley, Brian Marsden, Patrick Stonehouse Martin Mobberley, Brian Marsden and Patrick Stonehouse

Comet discoverers All attending comet discoverers: David Seargent, Don Machholz, Patrick Stonehouse, Keith Tritton, Alan Hale, Doug Biesecker, George Alcock, Bill Liller, Michael Jäger, Kesao Takamizawa and Kazimieras Cernis.

German/Austrian attendees German/Austrian attendees (except the author): Andreas Kammerer, Werner Hasubick, Sebastian Hönig, Michael Jäger and Bernd Brinkmann.

At a local pub At a local pub: Werner Hasubick, Andreas Kammerer, Michael Jäger, Sebastian Hönig and Jean-Claude Merlin.

Stonehenge Stonehenge in the evening sun.

Stonehenge Photo shooting at Stonehenge.

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